COVID-19 update

Due to the recent impact of the epidemic, logistics has decreased, and logistics costs have increased.I hope we can spend this difficult time together.have a nice day.Our users and partnersWe know that our users have always relied heavily on Chicmezone products, especially in such a special period. We will continue to respond to this challenge with creativity and enthusiasm, just as we insist on everything else.Looking to the futureThere is no doubt that we are facing severe challenges. First-aid personnel, doctors, nurses, researchers, public health experts and public officials from all over the world come forward. They are doing their utmost to help the world overcome the difficulties of this moment. For this, all Chicmezone employees are grateful. We are not sure when the real risks will pass.However, the glorious humanity and firm determination of the communities around the world have inspired me. As President Lincoln said during the difficult period: "The situation today is in dire straits, and we must shoulder the mission of history. Facing an unprecedented situation, we must have new thinking and new actions.Chicmezone has always faced major challenges in this way. We will also meet this challenge in this way.